Improved interactions with AI Chatbot

FoundersCart offers the capability to engage in conversational commerce, automate customer support and generate leads.


Elevated engagement for lifelong customers
FoundersCart AI Chatbots

By utilizing AI-powered chatbots, businesses can provide personalized and timely
assistance to customers, leading to higher engagement levels.

Effortless bot creation

Efficiently create and deploy bots using FoundersCart user-friendly drag-and-drop conversational modeller, eliminating the need for extensive coding.

Effortless bot training

Harness the power of FAQs, Cognitive Search and DocuSense to curate a comprehensive knowledge base that caters customer needs 24/7 ensuring exceptional support at all times.

Natural Language Processing

Deliver personalised experiences through chatbots, using an advanced NLP engineer that adapts to context and ensuring tailored interactions at every touchpoint.

Effortless Multichannel Access

Effortless Multichannel Access enhances customer satisfaction, improves response time, and enables effective management of customer inquiries. It enables businesses to reach customers anywhere and provide consistent, personalised support across all communication channels.

Essential Information

FoundersCart AI chatbot provides comprehensive insights to customer interactions, performance metrics, and emerging trends across multiple channels.

Global Expansion, Localized

Deliver personalized experiences by optimizing interactions in the preferred languages of the clients, ensuring utmost comfort and engagement.


Powering 100,000+ of the best
customer experiences